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Animal Man (Animal Man, Book 1)
Morrison, GrantHill, Michael (Editor)Truog, Chas (Illustrator)Grummett, Tom (Illustrator)Hazlewood, Doug (Illustrator)
Synopsis: This edition collects the bizarre adventures of Animal Man, a second-rate super hero struggling with real-life issues and moral dilemmas. Buddy Baker is a caring husband, devoted father, animal activist and super-powered being. But as he attempts to live up to all of his roles, he soon finds that there are no black and white situations in life. With a strong focus on storytelling, these thought-provoking and innovative tales make the reader question the actions of Animal Man as well as their own behavior in similar situations.
DC Comics. Paperback. August 1901. 240. 0.47 x 10.32 x 6.58
Apocalipstick (The Invisibles, Book 2)
Morrison, GrantThompson, Jill (Illustrator)
The Invisibles, Grant Morrison's brilliant series of magickal underground tales, exposes the naked spirituality of good and evil through gut-wrenching, psychedelic violence. Apocalipstick, the collected issues from midway through volume 1, tracks the career of new kid Jack Frost after he runs away from his wary pals in the Invisibles to come to terms with his power and his adulthood. Along the way we see humans hunted for sport, interdimensional monsters that would make H.P. Lovecraft puke, and a leisurely look at Lord Fanny's childhood. The penciling, always appropriate to Morrison's moods, ranges from brutal scratchings to startling clear drawings. While it's probably true that comics, like literature generally, can't be truly subversive any more, Apocalipstick shows how it could be done. --Rob Lightner
DC Comics. Paperback. April 2001. 208. 0.34 x 10.12 x 6.57
Arkham Asylum
Morrison, GrantBerger, KarenMcKean, Dave
Ingram Batman: Arkham Asylum is Batman on the cutting edge, as he faces not only his most dangerous foes but his own inner demons as well. Full-color illustrations. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
DC Comics. Paperback. October 1997. 128. 0.26 x 10.32 x 6.68
Batman Gothic
Hill, Michael (Editor)Morrison, Grant
Ingram Batman must face his own greatest fears when the man behind the mask, Bruce Wayne, begins to have nightmares about his boyhood schoolmaster, the cruel Mr. Winchester. Now Winchester has come to Gotham City, this time with supernatural powers. And unless the Caped Crusader can stop him, he will convert the city into his own cathedral--of death. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
DC Comics. Paperback. June 1992. 128. 0.23 x 10.14 x 6.60
Bloody Hell in America (The Invisibles, Book 4)
Grant MorrisonPhil JimenezJimenez, PhilStokes, John
New great looking book unopened, satisfaction guaranteed
DC Comics. Paperback. February 1998. 104. 0.23 x 10.24 x 6.73
Counting to None (The Invisibles, Book 5)
Grant MorrisonPhil Jimenez (Illustrator)Weston, Chris
From Library Journal This is the third collection of the monthly episodic comic The Invisibles, continuing the saga of five time travelers who are waging a battle throughout history but go unseen by normal eyes, hence the name. The plot jolts the reader unsympathetically from time line to time line, each with its own story; however, reading the first two volumes would fill in some of the plot gaps. Morrison has done arresting work before (The Mystery Play, DC Comics, 1994), but here the shock value seems gratuitous. The artwork is representational and sensational: the characters appear in various stages of undress frequently, although little of consequence generally follows. If libraries are just beginning to add graphic novels to their collections and are looking for mainstream books, any Sandman collection (Vertigo: DC Comics) would be a better choice. However, libraries with advanced graphic novel collections should consider adding all three Invisibles collections.Stephen Weiner, Maynard P.L., Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.
DC Comics. Paperback. March 1999. 240. 0.46 x 10.14 x 6.60
Deus Ex Machina (Animal Man, Book 3)
Morrison, GrantTruog, ChasCullins, Paris
New great looking book unopened, satisfaction guaranteed
DC Comics. Paperback. November 2003. 232. 0.50 x 9.75 x 6.50
Entropy in the UK (The Invisibles, Book 3)
Grant MorrisonPhil Jimenez (Illustrator)Steve Yeowell (Illustrator)
Publisher Comments: The battle between rebels and conspirators continues as a captured King Mob is beaten and tortured by the Conspiracy in their brutal attempt to learn the secrets of the Invisibles. Looking to save their him, the rest of King Mob's cell joins forces but it will be up to the newest Invisible, Dane McGowan, to stay ahead of the masses of armed Conspiracy thugs and save his compatriot. Also, the horrifying secret that transformed Boy from an officer of law to a disciple of chaos is finally revealed.
DC Comics. Paperback. August 2001. 230. 0.45 x 10.28 x 6.58
Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4 (Marvel Knights)
Morrison, GrantLee, Jae (Illustrator)
New great looking book unopened, satisfaction guaranteed
Marvel Books. Paperback. February 2004. 96. 0.28 x 10.18 x 6.58
Invisible Kingdom (The Invisibles, Book 7), The
Morrison, Grant
New. Great looking book unopened, unread; satisfaction guaranteed.
DC Comics. Paperback. December 2002. 288. 0.53 x 10.34 x 6.60
JLA: American Dreams (Book 2)
Grant MorrisonJohn DellHoward Porter (Illustrator)
In this new collection, The magnificent Seven-the Justice League of America-recruit new members, find new friends, and are attacked by some old enemies turned deadlier than ever. The JLA membership drive brings in a variety of new members, including Tomorrow Woman and Green Arrow.
DC Comics. Paperback. December 1997. 112. 0.17 x 10.18 x 6.63
JLA: Earth 2
Morrison, GrantQuitely, Frank (Illustrator)Quitley, Frank
Description: The JLA must face off against it's mirror image in the anti-matter universe.
DC Comics. Paperback. January 2001. 96. 0.31 x 10.22 x 6.66
JLA: Justice For All (Book 5)
Morrison, GrantWaid, MarkMillar, MarkGrayson, DevinPajarillo, Mark (Illustrator) Porter, Howard (Illustrator)
New. Great looking book unopened, unread; satisfaction guaranteed.
DC Comics. Paperback. December 1999. 192. 0.48 x 10.22 x 6.65
JLA: New World Order (Book 1)
Morrison, GrantPorter, Howard (Illustrator)Dell, John (Contributor)
/Grant Morrison /Howard Porter and John Dell Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter--the world's greatest heroes, together again! This new story by some of comics' hottest talents finds the public turning against the JLA in favor of a new group of champions: alien superbeings called the Hyperclan. Faced with powers that rival even Superman's and a hidden agenda that threatens the world, how can the new Le
DC Comics. Paperback. April 1997. 96. 0.18 x 10.24 x 6.66
JLA: Rock of Ages (Book 3)
Grant MorrisonJohn DellHoward Porter (Illustrator)
The JLA's greatest enemies-Lex Luthor, the Joker, Circle, Mirror Master, Dr. Light, Ocean Master-have united as the Injustice Gang. Marshaling the skills of a mysterious seventh member, they remain safely hidden while controlling evil duplicates of the JLA: duplicates that are laying waste to Star City. In addition, Luthor is planning a "hostile takeover" of the League, the evil Darkseid is waiting in the wings, and if the JLA manages to thwart author's schemes, they will unknowingly hand over control of the universe to ...Darkseid.
DC Comics. Paperback. June 1998. 160. 0.33 x 10.20 x 6.70
JLA: Strength in Numbers (Book 4)
Morrison, GrantWaid, MarkPriest, ChristopherHoward Porter
Grant Morrison is the talented comic writer behind such classic graphic novels as JLA: Earth II and JLA: New World Order. JLA: Strength in Numbers is a colossal crossover of incredible proportions. The Justice League led by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman take on a few new members. With such heroes as Plastic Man and Huntress on the prowl, the team is ready to face a disastrous threat from Prometheus and Dr. Julian September. Brace yourself, faithful DC fans, the JLA also meets the one and only Daniel, Lord of Dreams - the Sandman.
DC Comics. Paperback. December 1998. 224. 0.42 x 10.19 x 6.63
JLA: World War III (Book 6)
Morrison, GrantDematteis, J. M.Porter, Howard (Illustrator)Pajarillo, Mark (Illustrator)
Description: The Super-heroes of the JLA must fight against a new deadlier Injustice Gang. Lex Luthor assembles a team-headed by Prometheus- which could bring down the JLA once and for all.
DC Comics. Paperback. December 2000. 208. 0.41 x 10.22 x 6.63
Kissing Mister Quimper (The Invisibles, Book 6)
Morrison, GrantWeston, Chris (Illustrator)Bolland, Brian (Illustrator)
Description: This fourth volume of "the invisibles" series finds the invisibles -- time tossed freedom fighters in the secret worldwide struggle between the forces of anarchy and order -- traveling through time distortions, breaking into secret government installations, and delving into their own twisted pasts. Only then will they learn the truth about the mind-controlling dwarf called Quimper and come one step closer the ultimate secrets of the millennium.
DC Comics. Paperback. February 2000. 224. 0.40 x 10.17 x 6.68
Marvel Boy
Morrison, GrantJones, J. G. (Illustrator)
Book Description We`re always being told that super hero books are nothing but adolescent power fantasies. Fine. Here comes the ultimate adolescent power fantasy! So speaks Grant Morrison, writer of the runaway hit comic, Marvel Boy. Don`t let the name fool you; Marvel Boy is no tights-wearing pushover. He is Noh-Varr, the youngest member of a diplomatic team of the alien Kree. After voyaging for years, these alien super heroes reach Earth, only to be blown out of the sky. Only Noh-Varr survives, and is captured and tortured by the mysterious Midas Organization. Escaping, he vows vengeance on all mankind. But with Morrison weaving this tale, don`t expect cliche superheroics or a squeaky clean protagonist. Instead, get ready for Dr. Midas, a criminal billionaire who`s so obsessed with Cosmic Rays that he bathes in them, Exterminatrix, who arrives in issue #3 to make life heaven and hell for Marvel Boy, Hexus, the Living Corporation, Bannermen, a trio of U.N. super soldiers whose bodies are laced with adamantium and enhanced by gamma-rays and have we talked about our ticked off protagonist yet? The Marvel Style began with the Sub-Mariner, says Morrison. And like Bill Everett's Prince Namor, I wanted my hero to be an outcast, a fiery rebel with an appetite for righteous mass destruction. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
Marvel Books. Paperback. June 1, 2001. 144. 0.31 x 10.02 x 6.66
New X-Men Vol. 1: E is for Extinction
Morrison, GrantQuitely, Frank (Illustrator)
Description: The threat of the mutant menace has reached a point where ordinary citizens must take up the fight on which the governments of the world have been lax! An evolutionary biologist and a dentist travel to South America and uncover a city populated by a technology unlike any the world has seen . . . and unleash its deadly force on an unsuspecting mutant population. All in a day's work for the X-Men, right? Dead wrong. In the critically-acclaimed debut of writer Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) and penciller Frank Quitely (The Authority), the X-Men will face an opponent unlike any before, and be forced to make some of the most difficult decisions they've ever faced. Can even some of the most powerful beings on the planet withstand the coming storm? Reprinting New X-Men issues #114-117.
Marvel Books. Paperback. December 2001. 144. 0.20 x 9.92 x 6.62
New X-men Vol. 1
Morrison, GrantQuitely, FrankVan Sciver, Ethan (Illustrator)Kordey, Igor (Illustrator)Kordey, Igor
Description: "A new generation of mutants is emerging, that much is certain. They will be called freaks. Genetic monstrosities. They will be mocked, feared, spat upon and accused … of stealing human jobs, eating human food, taking human partners. But they are emerging in the inner cities, in the suburbs, in the deserts and in the jungles. And when they emerge, they will need teachers, people who can help them overcome their anger and show them how to use their strange gifts responsibly. They will need us." An army of Sentinels has obliterated the mutant nation of Genosha. The sadistic Cassandra Nova has blown Professor X's cover, exposing him as a mutant to the world. The Beast is in intensive care, Cyclops is lost in space, Jean Grey is slowly dying of a mysterious mutant virus, and Wolverine is hopelessly overmatched. The only two members left to defend the X-Men from alien invasion are Emma Frost, recently the mutant heroes' sworn enemy, and Xorn, a powerful healer imprisoned underground for the last two decades. It's been a very bad year for the X-Men, and it's all about to get much, much worse -- all courtesy of new writer Grant Morrison. Gone are the gaudy spandex superhero costumes -- replaced by slick, black leather and an attitude to match. With a stripped-down roster and a cinematic story line, Morrison catapults the X-Men into the 21st century with style and innovation. Collecting the 2002 Eisner Award-nominated New X-Men #114-126, plus the New X-Men 2001 Annual.
Marvel Books. Hardcover. October 23, 2002. 352. 0.99 x 11.18 x 7.68
New X-Men Vol. 2: Imperial
Morrison, GrantQuitely, Frank (Illustrator)Sciver, Ethan Van (Illustrator)
Description: As the fear of mutants continues to build, new secrets are exposed in the "Extinction Dossier." Can the X-Men contain a situation that is about to explode as mutant militancy reaches new levels and the human/mutant dynamic continues to disintegrate? Full color.
Marvel Books. Paperback. July 2002. 224. 0.43 x 10.14 x 6.58
New X-Men Vol. 2
Grant MorrisonJohn Paul LeonFrank Quitely (Illustrator)Kordey, IgorLeon, John Paul
Book Description This deluxe hardcover volume collects the New X-Men stories found in New X-Men Vol. 3: New Worlds and New X-Men Vol. 4: Riot at Xavier's plus other behind the scenes materials!
Marvel Books. Hardcover. November 2003. 288. 0.91 x 11.20 x 7.52
New X-Men: Assault on Weapon Plus (New X-Men)
Grant MorrisonChris BachaloBachalo, Chrish
Book Description More secrets of the world's deadliest mutant are exposed! Wolverine, Cyclops and the enigmatic Fantomex travel to the other side of the world and beyond in search of the keys to their pasts. However, what they find within the deadly Weapon Plus program may be more frightening than their worst nightmares.
Marvel Books. Paperback. December 2003. 160. X
New X-Men: New Worlds (New X-Men)
Morrison, GrantKordey, Igor (Illustrator)Quitely, Frank (Illustrator)Quitely, FrankKordey, Igor
Description: In this volume, the X-Men emancipate Xorn, a mutant imprisoned since birth. Illustrations.
Marvel Books. Paperback. December 2002. 168. 0.37 x 10.38 x 6.66
New X-Men: Riot at Xavier's
Morrison, GrantQuitely, Frank (Illustrator)Grant, Keron
Book Description In a world where humans have made mutants the victims of horrible discrimination, Professor Xavier's School For The Gifted is a sanctuary, a safe haven for oppressed mutant youth. But the unimaginable happens when a student reinvents himself as Kid Omega and decides to take over the school. It's mutant vs. mutant...will the school ever be the same?
Marvel Books. Paperback. July 2003. 120. 0.26 x 9.92 x 6.72
Origin of the Species (Animal Man, Book 2)
Morrison, GrantHazlewood, Doug (Illustrator)McKenna, Mark (Illustrator)
New. Great looking book unopened, unread; satisfaction guaranteed.
DC Comics. Paperback. September 2002. 222. 0.41 x 10.14 x 6.64
Say You Want a Revolution (The Invisibles, Book 1)
Morrison, GrantYeowell, SteveThompson, JillCramer, Dennis
New great looking book unopened, satisfaction guaranteed
DC Comics. Paperback. June 1996. 224. 0.49 x 10.20 x 6.65
Spider-Man's Tangled Web, Vol. 4
Cooke, DarwynMcKeever, TedMorrison, RobbieMarvel ComicsHaspiel, Dean Wells, Zeb
The Rino and the Grizzly embark on an excellent adventure; Typeface meets his ultimate adversary; J. Jonah Jameson faces his biggest foe--himself--and a group of foreign exchange students takes an ill-fated tour of the "Daily Bugle." Full color.
Marvel Books. Paperback. April 2003. 144. 0.33 x 10.10 x 6.68